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Top 10 People To Watch In 2021 - According To Mimi

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

With 2020 swiftly coming to a close, According To Mimi has compiled a list of "Top 10 People To Watch" in 2021. These individuals are making a mark in their respective areas of influence, and stand to make a positive change in the world.

Positive change is something we should all strive to improve our core values, health, and form a better world. In no particular order, the individuals on this list have inspired me in many ways, and hope they will do the same for you.

Deneiva Trinidad Knight

Occupation: Founder + CEO, Deneiva Trinidad, LLC

External Affairs Director, Comcast Mountain West Region

Motto: No more compromising: you can actually have it all – all at the same time – without it all falling apart.

Instagram: Personal @DeneivaTrinidad

Instagram: Professional @DTrinidad_CopyLLC

LinkedIn: Deneiva Knight

Deneiva is a woman on a mission. A Mission to empower, build, and "hold-down" bold, ambitious Black womxn entrepreneurs by creating content + digital marketing strategies that resonate and connect with niche audiences.

With over 15-plus years of experience leading communication strategies for non-profits and a Fortune 50 company, she feels she has found her purpose. Thankfully, her cause will help side hustlers and entrepreneurs find their voice and generate income.

"We all have our stories and experiences that make us who we are. I’ve come so far in my personal and professional life, and I accredit this to grit, determination, and of course learning from watching other people go through their headaches, and using their lessons to support my growth and development. Everything I’ve learned, I pour into my clients, my work, and into the hearts and minds of my mentees." - Deneiva

In her spare time, you can find her listening to old school Motown and R&B artists Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, and Aretha Franklin. These songs bring back fond memories of her childhood when her mom would play these classic tunes. Listening to these songs remind her that all things are possible with resilience and perseverance.

Excelling in her day job while starting her own business to help others makes Deneiva someone to watch in 2021.

Tirza Sims

Occupation: Owner + Founder, Righteously Kept Apparel

Motto: To always remember who I am, and whose I am!

Instagram: @loveteeann & @righteouslykeptapparel

Facebook: Righteously Kept

A visionary with big dreams and goals is how many would describe Tirza Sims, Owner, and Founder of Righteously Kept Apparel. This 27-year old isn't just a pretty face, she has a heart for people and uses her talents to do the will of the "Father" and make a difference.

Tirza credits her success to not conforming to the world and walking the path that God designed uniquely for her.

"I’ve always been strong willed, and my own person. I take pride in living a life pleasing to God, and not living for the standards of society, culture, and this world. I am a leader and I stand for purity and Christ." - Tirza

When Tirza isn't singing or working on her Righteously Kept Apparel line, she enjoys listening to Gospel music. One of her favorite songs, "Man of Your Word " by Maverick City Music has been inspirational to her during these uncertain times because it reminds her of God's goodness and his faithfulness.

Chase "260" McClure

Occupation: Gaming Expert and YouTuber

Motto: God sees my future - I will win.

Chase260 "The Goat" is an avid gamer and aspiring YouTube star. He enjoys researching games to share tips on how to be a better gamer. His passion for gaming began many years ago when he received his first gaming system, the Nintendo Wii.

Chase has lofty goals and plans to launch a self-titled merch line in 2021.

Brandii Lou

Occupation: Life and Success Coach

Motto: Live life and lead with love.

Instagram: @gorgeouswarrior

Facebook: Brandii Lou

Brandii Lou, better known as the "Gorgeous Warrior" empowers women to create deeper personal spiritual relationships. Through her coaching, women have been able to manifest the lives they desire by developing a miracle mindset that shifts their everyday thinking from scarcity and fear to peace, celebration, and abundance.

Brandii is a highly trained Spiritual Success Coach, who holds a degree in communication with a minor in marketing.

A fun staple in her household is dance parties with her children because it reminds her to live more freely and full of joy.

"I help women develop deeper personal spiritual relationships, this allows her to uncover her purpose and build a life and business of her dreams." - Brandii

D’Andrea "Dede" Brown

Occupation: Mental Health Professional

Motto: What’s for you, won’t miss you.

This country girl loves food, good-spirited people, and has a passion for mental health. D'Andrea "Dede" Brown is an entrepreneur at heart, working to establish a non-profit that will allow her to work with young black girls and show them opportunities they may not know are available to them.

"I don’t try to fit in with societal norms. I do my own thing regardless of popular opinion." - Dede

Kierra Sheard is one of her favorite artists, and her song "It Keeps Happening for Me" is her testimony.

Instagram: @dedebrownn_

Leon "L A Blanco" White

Occupation: Sales Manager, Sports Bar Owner, and Investor

Motto: Success is the greatest form of revenge.

Instagram: @the_bleu_leon

Facebook: The Bleu Le'on Upscale Sports Bar & Grill

Leon is a jack of all trades who takes pride in skillfully mastering multiple endeavors. What makes him unique, is his ability to work harder than anyone at anything.

"We can't solve our problems with the same levels of thinking that created them. I live my life learning something new everyday. I live figuring shit out!" - Leon

Leon gets inspiration from listening to Meek Mill's song, "Dreams and Nightmares." This song puts him in a powerful mental state and keeps him focused on leaving a valuable footprint for those he loves before he leaves this earth.

Check out Leon's most recent venture into the podcast world.

Rebecca Councill

Occupation: Social Media Strategist and Manager

Motto: Treat others like you would the person you love most in the world.

Rebecca, the founder of Houston’s Social Media Day Conference is known for her hair, Converse, and nerdy love of Evernote. With a Masters in I/O Psychology and a background in teaching, this social media expert is passionate about helping businesses navigate their social and digital path.

Rebecca teaches in the Rice non-school and enjoys working with LGBTQIA businesses, non-profits, and small businesses.

"I feel that authentic is the best way to build relationships on social no matter what your business is - that is how I drive all social media." - Rebecca

Rebecca can't dance but knows EVERY word to Vanilla Ice's smash 1989 hit "Ice Ice Baby." Another favorite is "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson. Rebecca believes in order to grow you have to look inside and at your own biases.

Across all social channels, you can follow: RebCouncill

Find out about Houston's Social Media Day Conference:

Chaun Vaughn

Occupation: Heart Forward Leadership Speaker and Trainer

Motto: Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

IG: @Vaughnmediallc

FB: Vaughn Media LLC

Twitter: @Chaunvaughn

Website: https://www.vaughnmediallc.com/

Living a heart-forward life led this country girl to author her first book, "Being Heart Forward," an others-centered Leadership Guide and Workbook that touches on four Heart Forward principles every leader should utilize to be successful. Her passion for speaking and training is almost as strong as her fancy for crafting, video producing, and editing.

"My desire is to infuse my Heart Forward message with leaders to help cultivate workplaces people enjoy going to and leaders are able to retain exceptional talent." - Chaun Vaughn

Chaun’s inspiration comes from her family because she wants the best for them and works hard to ensure that happens.

Ashley Turner

Occupation: Higher Education

Motto: Love yourself so much that people benefit from the residue of that love.

IG: @ashleypturner

FB: Ashley P. Turner

This fashionista can always be seen wearing the hottest styles, and of course her beautiful smile. She isn't just a trendsetter, she is an advocate for literacy and giving back to the next generation of leaders.

"I am a curvy fashionista that refuses to let societal standards define me." - Ashley

The song that brings Ashley inspiration is "I Smile" by Kirk Franklin because in her words "Not every day will bring happiness but every day can bring joy depending on your perspective."

Check out this video of Ashley, where she was recognized as a "Rising Star" by the organization Texas Executive Women.

Isaiah Vaughn

Occupation: High School Senior

Motto: It's an Endless Grind.

IG: @iav_aka_showboatjr Acting, Swimming, Basketball - whatever the call - this graduating senior is ready to take the world by storm. Isaiah "Showboat" Vaughn is no stranger to the spotlight and his academic excellence is what has taken center stage from the time he was small.

As he sets his sights on 2021 and his journey into college life, he draws inspiration from artists like Drake and Kanye West to keep him pumped and motivated.

Check out this recent highlight video of Isaiah (#22) and his basketball skills.

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